Onsen RyokanPrivate Hot springs

Onsen Ryokan & Hotel with private hot springs in Japan

Best accommodation with ensuite open air bath, reservable outdoor bath. Luxury spa resort, cheap/budget guest house, Japanese inn.

Greater Tokyo (Kanto)

Kinnotake Tonosawa : Kanagawa Hakone-machi Sengokubara Onsen

Kanagawa Onsen Ryokan

Wakatake no Sho Bettei Sasane : Tochigi Kinugawa

Tochigi Onsen Ryokan

Kissho CAREN / Tsuruya Kisshotei : Shizuoka Higashi-Izu

Shizuoka Onsen Ryokan

Greater Osaka, Kyoto (Kansai)

Fudouguchikan : Osaka Izumisano Kansai International Airport

Osaka Onsen Ryokan

Yumoto Hounoya : Nara Yoshino

Nara Onsen Ryokan

Haifu : Mie Shima

Mie Onsen Ryokan

Hiroshima / Hokkaido / Okinawa

Kinoe Onsen Hotel Seifukan : Hiroshima

Hiroshima Onsen Ryokan

Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi : Hokkaido Shiretoko

Hokkaido Onsen Ryokan

Hyakuna Garan : Okinawa

Okinawa Private Bath

Central Japan (Chubu, Hokuriku, Shinetsu)

Fukeikan : Nagano Shinshu Takayama Onsenkyo

Nagano Onsen Ryokan

Tsukinoakari : Gifu Gero Onsen

Gifu Onsen Ryokan

Tadaya : Ishikawa Wakura Onsen

Ishikawa Onsen Ryokan


Shiosai no Yado Seikai : Oita Beppu

Oita Onsen Ryokan

Hoshino Resort Kai Aso : Oita / Kumamoto Aso

Aso Onsen Ryokan

Hana no Onsen Hotel Ginsho : Kagoshima Ibusuki

Kagoshima Onsen Ryokan

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Hot springs / Onsen Tips

The first rule of onsen hot springs etiquette is that swimsuits are not allowed. If the thought of being naked worries you, or for those guests who feel reluctant to bathe in the presence of others, we recommend choosing accommodations with private onsen such as chartered family outdoor baths (reservations required) or guest rooms with open-air baths.