Onsen RyokanPrivate Hot springs

Onsen Ryokan in Gokayama, Unazuki, Tateyama Kurobe, Toyama

Guest house, accommodation with private outdoor hot springs

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tsurugi Koizuki

Tateyama Ryokan

Room with private open air bath

Approx.40 minutes drive to Tateyama Station. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route starts from Tateyama Station. 75 minutes drive to Mt.Tsurugi-dake.

7 minutes drive from Toyama Chiho Railway Kamiichi Station. 20 minutes drive from Toyama airport.

Unazuki Onsen / Kurobe gorge


Unazuki Onsen

Room with private open air bath

This onsen ryokan have guest rooms with private onsen along the Kurobe gorge. There are also large communal onsen baths made of cypress "Hinoki Buro" or rocks. The source of onsen water is natural hot springs.

5 minutes on foot to Unazuki Station. KUROBE GORGE Torokko Electric Railway starts from Unazuki Station.

3 minutes on foot from Toyama Chiho Railway Unazuki-Onsen Station.

Shogawa Onsen / Gokayama

Furyu Midou Zashiki Yumetsuzuri

Shogawa Onsen

Room with private open air bath

Approx. 35 minutes drive to Suganuma Gassho Community. Approx. 40 minutes drive to Gokayama Ainokura Gassho Community.

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Guest house / Minshuku - including Gassho Zukuri style of accommodations

Toyama Onsen Ryokan
Ryokan, Guest HouseHot SpringsPrivate Onsen

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, Kurobe Gorge Torokko Electric Railway, World Heritage Gokayama Village / Shirakawa-go, Unazuki Onsen, Snow Corridor Alpine Route.

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Hot springs / Onsen Tips

The first rule of onsen hot springs etiquette is that swimsuits are not allowed. If the thought of being naked worries you, or for those guests who feel reluctant to bathe in the presence of others, we recommend choosing accommodations with private onsen such as chartered family outdoor baths (reservations required) or guest rooms with open-air baths.

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