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Pre Wedding Photography & Vow Renewal, Wedding Ceremony in Mt Aso, Kumamoto, Takachiho, Miyazaki - Japan

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There are many beautiful venues for weddings, and photogenic sightseeing spots / locations for shooting wedding photos or vow renewal ceremonies in japan. It is very popular especially during the cherry blossom season in spring, or the maple leaf season in autumn. If you prefer Japanese style with a Kimono & a Hakama, authentic Japanese gardens or Shinto Shrines will be good locations. A Kimono for a bride / wife and a Hakama for a groom / husband are Japanese traditional dresses. You may also want to have travel or family photo shoots without bridal clothes.

You can hold a traditional ceremony for a marriage at Shinto Shrines or Zen Buddhist Temples on a romantic honeymoon abroad in Japan. How about experiencing this Japanese wedding ceremony at a Shrine for renewing wedding vows, or a surprise gift on vacation ? It will be a very special and unique experience in your lifetime. You may also want to combine wedding anniversary photo / video shoots with stunning views and a simple vow renewal.

Another suggestion for a vow renewal is the Japanese Tea Ceremony Wedding with kimono dresses. It will be a great opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese culture with the spirit of Chado / Sado / Chanoyu and Zen.

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  • Rental Japanese Wedding Kimono
    ( Shiromuku / Irouchikake for the bride & Hakama Style for the groom )
  • Rental Wedding Dress & Tuxedo
  • Hair Styling & Make Up
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  • Photo Retouching
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Japanese Tea Ceremony Wedding

Traditional Japanese Weddings at Shrines / Temples Locations

Pre wedding Photograpy Locations

Gifu, Toyama, NaganoShirakawago World Heritage SiteGokayama World Heritage SiteHida TakayamaTsumago-juku, Magome-juku
( Nakasendo Kisoji )
FukuokaYanagawaThe bride ship, Hanayome-bune
KumamotoAso Kujū National ParkKusasenri, Daikanbo, TawarayamaAso ShrineSuizen-ji Jōju-enKumamoto Castle
MiyazakiTakachihokyo GorgeTakachiho Shrine

The above are just a few examples of locations. Please kindly let us know the other locations in / around the above areas, or just your images of photos, views that you desire.

We will help you plan a pre wedding photography, destination wedding overseas on these attractive locations following your preferences in your language. Discover and experience real Japan with us !