Shinto Shrine

Buddhist Temple

Garden Ceremony

You can choose any type of gardens in Tokyo. You can have a outdoor ceremony in the garden, or indoor ceremony at a ryotei, restaurant, hotel, private wedding palace / house with gardens. Ryotei is the luxurious traditional restaurant. You can enjoy Japanese cuisine in a private tatami room with Japanese garden view. It is also a great place for a small wedding reception.

Tea Ceremony Wedding

It is a collaboration of wedding and Japanese tea ceremony. It will be a great experience of authentic Japanese culture and Zen spirit.

Chapel / Church

There are many types of chapels/churches in Tokyo. The recommendations are with garden view, ocean view, gospel music, night ceremony with candles etc ...


Bayside Beach, Poolside, Onsen Ryokan, Shipboard ... and more

Pre Wedding Photography / Location Photoshoot

Japanese gardens, shinto shrines will be good locations, if you prefer Japanese style with a Kimono for a bride/wife, a Hakama for a groom/husband. A Kimono and a Hakama are Japanese traditional dresses/clothes. Chapels/churches, beautiful parks/gardens at bayside or in the city, and bayside beaches will be good locations, if you prefer western style with a wedding dress, a tuxedo. If you have any other ideas for a photoshoot, please contact us and find the best package ( rental costumes, hair styling, make-up, photographer / videographer )

Greater Tokyo (Kanto)

- Hakone [ Kanagawa Prefecture ]

Hakone is very popular sightseeing spot near Tokyo in Japan. For example, Ashino-ko (lake), Hakone Jinja (Shrine), Art museums, Ropeway, Cable car etc ... It is also well known as an onsen/hot spring spa resort. You can enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Fuji in Hakone. There are venues for ceremonies, photography with the view of Mt. Fuji (World Heritage Site). It takes approx. 85 minutes by train (Odakyu Romance Car) from Shinjuku station in Tokyo to Hakone Yumoto station. There are many ways to go to Hakone from Tokyo.

- Kamakura [ Kanagawa Prefecture ]

Kamakura is an ancient city. There are many buddhist/zen temples. It takes approx. 25 minutes by train from JR Shinagawa in Tokyo to Kamakura station.

- Yokohama [ Kanagawa Prefecture ]

Yokohama is a bayside city near Tokyo. There are venues with superb bay views or a Japanese garden. It takes approx. 16 minutes by train from Shinagawa station in Tokyo to Yokohama station.

- Karuizawa [ Nagano Prefecture ]

Karuizawa is a resort area especially in summer. It takes approx. 70 minutes by bullet train (Shinkansen) from Tokyo station to Karuizawa station. There are many ways to go to Karuizawa from Tokyo.

- Nasu Plateau [ Tochigi Prefecture ]

Nasu is well known as an onsen/hot spring spa resort and a summer resort area. It takes approx. 75 minutes by bullet train (Shinkansen) from Tokyo station to Nasu Shiobara station.

Above are the few examples. Please contact us about any other areas, venues, types of photography, ceremonies including for vow renewal. We will show you images of these beautiful venues, so you can easily get ideas.

Stunning view, Hide-away, Traditional Accommodations in Japan
*Onsen Hot Springs *Private (Family) outdoor bath *Discount Tour package / Day Trip

Greater Tokyo ( Kanto )

Greater Osaka, Kyoto ( Kansai )

Central Japan (Chubu, Hokuriku, Shinetsu)




Other area

Church / Chapel Weddings
Vow Renewals in Japan

Would you like to send a surprise gift to the one you love or somebody who travel or stay in overseas, Japan? How about renewing wedding vows for an anniversary or a romantic wedding ceremony in Japan?

Traditional Japanese Wedding

At Shinto shrines, Zen Buddhist Temples, Japanese Gardens with Kimono (Traditional Japanese dress)

Private Onsen
(Hot springs)