There are so many Zen Buddhist Temples & Shinto Shrines where you can hold an authentic ceremony for a marriage wedding in Japan. Below are the only slight part of them. Furthermore, there are so many beautiful locations, sightseeing spots for shooting bridal pictures / videos with kimono style dresses. Nevertheless, most of these beautiful places have not been introduced on websites in languages except Japanese. We'd like to introduce these attractive venues and help you planning in your language following your preferences, and would like you to discover and experience real Japan !

We will coordinate the best suitable venues, temples, shrines, local packages (rental costumes, hair styling, make-up, photography, videography) for you, from thousands of services ! We can also introduce you party spaces for your wedding reception, and any other services upon your request.

We will show you images of these beautiful locations through e-mail or on the web, so you can easily get inspired.You can have your language support also.

How would you like to have a ceremony, a shooting or a wedding reception party ? At a shinto shrine, a zen buddhist temple, an authentic Japanese garden, a ryotei ryokan, a world heritage site, a beach, in a magnificent nature, on a shipboard ? What kind of Japanese traditional clothing would you like to wear ? A Kimono, Furisode, Shiromuku, Juni-Hitoe ? Would you like to have a Geisha, Maiko style photo shoot ? Please feel free to contact us.

Greater Tokyo (Kanto) Traditional Kimono Wedding
Greater Osaka, Kyoto (Kansai) Traditional Kimono Wedding
Kiyomizu Temple[ Kyoto : Temple ]
* Kiyomizu-Dera

* The World Cultural Heritage Site

Hiroshima Traditional Kimono Wedding
Itsukushima shrine [ Hiroshima (Miyajima) : Shrine ]
* Itsukushima-Jinja

* The World Cultural Heritage Site

Stunning view, Hide-away, Luxury to Cheap, Traditional Accommodations in Japan
*Hot springs (onsen / spa) *Private (Family) outdoor bath *Discount Tour package / Day Trip

Greater Tokyo ( Kanto )

Greater Osaka, Kyoto ( Kansai )

Central Japan (Chubu, Hokuriku, Shinetsu)




Other area

Church / Chapel Weddings
Vow Renewals in Japan

Would you like to send a surprise gift to the one you love or somebody who travel or stay in overseas, Japan? How about renewing wedding vows for an anniversary or a romantic wedding ceremony in Japan?

Tokyo Wedding & Photography

Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama, Karuizawa, Nasu ...

(Japanese Hotel)
Private Onsen

Stunning view, Hide-away, Traditional Japanese Ryokan

・Room with private open air bath
・Reservable family outdoor bath
・Tour, Day trip

Private Tour / Travel Guide in Japan