Onsen RyokanPrivate Hot springs

Onsen Ryokan in Koyasan/ Shirahama/ Nachikatsuura, Wakayama - Private Onsen

Japanese traditional accommodations with private outdoor bath

Ryujin Onsen / Mt.Koya


Ryujin Onsen Ryokan

Room with private open air bath

Approx. 65 minutes drive to Mount Koya Konngobuji Temple. Approx. 30 minutes drive to Kumano-Kodo Nakaheji Takijiri Oji.

Shirahama Onsen

Hotel Sanrakuso

Shirahama Private Onsen

Room with private open air bath

1 minute on foot to Shirarahama Beach. Approx. 5 minutes drive to Sandanbeki Rock Cliff, Senjojiki Cirque. Approx. 15 minutes drive to Adventure World.

Wakayama Pref. Koyasan, Nanki Shirahama, Nachikatsuura, Kumano Hongū Taisha, Kuroshio Ichiba Market, Tanabe, Kushimoto...

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Hot springs / Onsen Tips

The first rule of onsen hot springs etiquette is that swimsuits are not allowed. If the thought of being naked worries you, or for those guests who feel reluctant to bathe in the presence of others, we recommend choosing accommodations with private onsen such as chartered family outdoor baths (reservations required) or guest rooms with open-air baths.

Ryokan with Private Onsen near Shirahama / Koyasan, Wakayama

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