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Traditional Japanese Wedding at Shinto Shrine / Temple in Hokkaido, Nagano, Kamakura

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If you are interested in Japanese style wedding with a Kimono & a Hakama, how about experiencing a traditional ceremony for a marriage at a Shinto Shrine ( Shinzenshiki ) or Zen Buddhist Temples ( Butsuzenshiki ) for renewing wedding vows ? A Kimono for a bride / wife and a Hakama for a groom / husband are Japanese traditional dresses. You can enjoy this Japanese traditional wedding ceremony after / before enjoying a hot spring ( Onsen ) or a ski at snow resorts such as Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen, Niseko, Rusutsu, Kiroro etc. Of cource on your romantic honeymoon as well, but how about as a surprise gift on your vacation in Hokkaido or Nagano? It will be a very special and unique experience in your lifetime.


Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, Sapporo

Other Shrines in Hokkaido


Zenkoji Temple

Karuizawa-machi Suwa Jinja

Other Shrines in Nagano



Mt.Fuji View



Any Other Locations

The above are just a few examples of locations. Please kindly let us know the other locations

Traditional Japanese Kimono Wedding at a Shrine / Temple

Hokkaido Japanese Shrine Wedding

Japanese Bridal Kimono ( Shiromuku )

Nagano Japanese Shrine Wedding

Japanese Bridal Kimono (Irouchikake )

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  • Rental Japanese Wedding Kimono
    ( Shiromuku / Irouchikake for the bride & Hakama Style for the groom )
  • Rental Wedding Dress & Tuxedo
  • Hair Styling & Make Up
  • Photo Data
  • Album
  • Photo Retouching
  • Video Shooting
  • Language Support

Planning fee : From 98,000 JPY