Onsen RyokanPrivate Hot springs

Onsen Ryokan in Hakone /Yokohama /Kamakura /Yugawara, Kanagawa

Accommodation with private onsen


Gora Hanaougi Madoka no Mori

Hakone Onsen

Room with private open air bath

Approx. 7 minutes drive to The Hakone Open-Air Museum (Chokoku-no-Mori-Museum) . Approx. 8 minutes drive to Pola Museum of Art (Pōra Bijutsukan). Approx. 8 minutes drive to Owakudani.

Yokohama / Kamakura

Yokohama Minato Mirai Manyo Club

Yokohama Onsen

Reservable Private Onsen

Approx. 30km to Kamakura Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine. 5 minutes on foot to Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse ( Renga Soko ). 10 minutes on foot to Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden. Approx. 20 minutes drive to Sankeien Gardens.

5 minutes on foot from Minatomirai Station. 3 minutes drive from Minatomirai I.C Shuto Expressway.

Tsurumaki Onsen

Motoyu Jinya

Kanagawa Onsen

Room with private open air bath

Approx. 45 minutes drive to Enoshima Island. Approx. 60 minutes drive to Hasedera Temple, Kamakura. Approx. 35 minutes drive to Hakone Yumoto Station.

Approx. 45 minutes from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Hon-Atsugi Station by Odakyu Romance Car, 10 minutes to Tsurumaki Onsen Station Odakyu Line. 4 minutes on foot from Tsurumaki Onsen Station.


Kappo Ryokan Uoshizu

Yugawara Onsen

Room with private open air bath

Approx. 7 minutes drive to Manyo Park. 3 minutes drive to Fudo taki waterfall. 20 minutes drive to Makuyama Park.

Kamakura / Yokohama / Hakone / Yugawara ( Kanagawa ) Private Onsen, Onsen Ryokan

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Kanagawa Private Onsen
Private Onsen

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Hot springs / Onsen Tips

The first rule of onsen hot springs etiquette is that swimsuits are not allowed. If the thought of being naked worries you, or for those guests who feel reluctant to bathe in the presence of others, we recommend choosing accommodations with private onsen such as chartered family outdoor baths (reservations required) or guest rooms with open-air baths.

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