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Onsen Ryokan in Hiroshima, Miyajima, Fukuyama, Miyahama

Private Onsen Hot Spring


Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto

Miyajima Onsen

Room with private open air bath

3 minutes on foot to Miyajima Jinja Shrine. 3 minutes on foot to Momijidani Koen Park. 15 minutes on foot to Miyajima Ropeway ( Mt.Misen ). Approx. 9 minutes to Daisho-in Buddhist Temple.

Hatsukaichi / Hiroshima City

Aki Grand Hotel

Hatsukaichi Onsen

Reservable Private Onsen

Approx. 35 minutes drive to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Approx. 40 minutes drive to Atomic Bomb Dome. 60 minutes drive to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Approx. 30 minutes drive to Kintaikyo Bridge.

Tomonoura / Onomichi

Migiwatei Ochi Kochi

Tomonoura Onsen

Reservable private onsen

Perfect location to walk around the old port town of Tomonoura. Approx. Approx. 30 minutes drive to Fukuyama Castle. 50 minutes drive to Onomichi Senkouji Temple.

Miyahama Onsen

Teien no Yado Sekitei

Miyahama Onsen

Room with private open air bath

This hideaway Japanese-style Onsen Ryokan is situated on the slope of hill in Miyahama Onsen (Spa). The property overlooking the Miyajima (The world heritage site and one of the three most spectacular views in Japan) and the Seto Island Sea have a large and exquisite Japanese garden. It is lighten up at night. All guest rooms are Japanese-style with Tatami mats and have different design. The guests are served fresh seafood from the Seto Island Sea.

By Car,Taxi : 15 minutes drive from the ferry terminal of Miyajima-guchi / 5 minutes drive from JR Oonoura Station. 15 minutes drive from the JR Miyajimaguchi Station. There is Pick up service from JR Oonoura Station and Miyajimaguchi upon your request.

Private Onsen, Ryokan in Hiroshima, Miyajima

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Hot springs / Onsen Tips

The first rule of onsen hot springs etiquette is that swimsuits are not allowed. If the thought of being naked worries you, or for those guests who feel reluctant to bathe in the presence of others, we recommend choosing accommodations with private onsen such as chartered family outdoor baths (reservations required) or guest rooms with open-air baths.

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